Management info systems

Complete the following for this assignment: Compare and contrast the management information systems (MIS) in place in 2 distinctly different organizations.  Compare each organization's use of information systems to help manage internal operations and to make decisions. Assess how these two organizations use information technology for competitive advantage. Appraise the individual and organizational consequences of … Continue reading Management info systems


Assignment 1: Discussion—Business Analytics and Informed Business Decisions

Many times organizations will make decisions based upon what other organizations are doing at the time or based upon the latest business trend. Think about the dot-com bubble as businesses soared and perhaps were also part of the major bust. Many organizations felt that they needed to join the crowd and have an online presence, … Continue reading Assignment 1: Discussion—Business Analytics and Informed Business Decisions

Discusssion: Consumer Behavior Assignment

consumers based on gender or age. Compare these products to other products that are being sold to both genders and all ages. In your discussion post answer the following questions: Are the products focused on a specific demographic advertised differently? If so, how are they different? How are they similar? For all discussion posts, back … Continue reading Discusssion: Consumer Behavior Assignment

Free Paper

Source for related materials that convey ideas about Discovery. Picking text types that are different from the prescribed text in class. Describe the text chosen(synopsis of summary) Explain how the text relates to Discovery Select 5 textual devices and explain how they convey idea meaning about Discovery Selected text; Swallow the Air and R.H. Sin’s … Continue reading Free Paper

Organization Leadership Case Study

Using the Internet or Strayer University databases, research the leadership style and characteristics of Richard Branson, Virgin Group. Write a six to seven (6-7) page paper in which you: Assess the key elements of Richard Branson’s leadership style and the impact that those elements have had on his business success. Provide support for your rationale. … Continue reading Organization Leadership Case Study