Nursing Case Study

CASE STUDY: Mr. X, a new (neophyte) nurse educator who is struggling with his own anxiety about: (1) performing as a faculty and (2) establishing his own professional identity as a teacher. He opened his class with a short video that ended at a crucial decision point. He invited the class to discuss the best … Continue reading Nursing Case Study


Birth Control Controversy

Birth Control Use The technology and legal influence in the medical reproductive affect the means to control the population and maintenance of the social and culture aspects in the society. As a nurse, the challenges of administering the birth controls has been challenged by the cultural factors and human rights issues especially for the women … Continue reading Birth Control Controversy

Nursing organization Strategy Case Study

As CEO of an acute care facility, you have learned that patients with a diagnosis of congestive heart failure are being readmitted 28 percent of the time. You have just received notification that CMS is no longer going to reimburse hospitals for readmissions within 30 days.  Using accreditation and healthcare standards, outline an organizational strategy … Continue reading Nursing organization Strategy Case Study

Health effects/risks of alcohol/substance abuse powerpoint assignment

Your supervisor is impressed with the medical knowledge you have as to the health effects/risks of alcohol/substance abuse and asks that you prepare a PowerPoint presentation to present to the probation department staff. He tells you that the presentation should have some color and some graphics associated with the topics. He wants you to use … Continue reading Health effects/risks of alcohol/substance abuse powerpoint assignment

Nursing Research Paper

Discussion Question 1( 2 pages) Identify the methodology, design, and rationale of the following titles. Exploring the rate of seasonal-pattern depression in an Inuit community Democracy in America The relationship between compassion fatigue and burnout among critical care nurses Two drugs for Alzheimer’s show promise Evaluating technology with student success Factors that influence weight control … Continue reading Nursing Research Paper

Instrumental behaviors article review

Instrumental behaviors are defined as those voluntary activities in which a person (or animal) engages to satisfy a motive. Find an article on instrumental behavior (or instrumental conditioning or operant conditioning) in humans. You may report on either a primary research article or a review article from a peer-reviewed journal. Cite the article in APA … Continue reading Instrumental behaviors article review

Atom Philosophies of drug dosing of chemotherapy article

600-word article on how doctors choose the amount of a chemotherapy drug to give a cancer patient. Note the medicines of interest are conventional chemotherapy, not targeted therapy drugs. Alternative dosing strategies have been proposed in order to replace body-surface area BSA-based dosing. Dose banding, fixed dosing, proposed other “indirect” body-size measures involve lean body … Continue reading Atom Philosophies of drug dosing of chemotherapy article