Business Assignment: Management

Component #1: What Must Be Submitted in the Two Case-Write-Ups?  (This section will be worth 10 percentage points)

A 3-4 full page, double spaced analysis and summary on one of the cases you chose. Please be sure to summarize the case and address all of the following questions as well.  Please be sure to also apply what you have learned from previous chapters, class discussions, and by using terms and other topics discussed. Be as insightful (analytical) as possible, along with adding your opinion and or suggestions regarding any particular topics within the case. Please have a clear conclusion that summarizes the case and your opinions.

Component #2: Additional questions that MUST be addressed in the Two Case Write-Ups:  (This section will be worth 10 percentage points)

  1. What dilemmas / or struggles occurred within your case if any(If applicable)? How were they resolved? How was their advertising / and or marketing plan affected?
  2. Do you agree with the marketing strategy / planning discussed in the case? If so, why or why not? What would you have done differently and why?
  3. Discuss any completive analysis of topics/company mentioned in the case. How do they differ from their competition in your opinion and why?

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