For this fourth (and final) essay, your challenge is to take a look at your major (or the major you are leaning toward).  Remember the JoyWalk exercise, where you literally looked for, and then walked into, joy?

Well, for this paper, I invite you to begin by looking for the possibilities of JOY in your major and/or future career.

[PauseThink: Do you believe you are you choosing a career that is going to make you joyful/happy (or whatever similar word you choose to use)?]  Circle One:  Yes   No   Idk

My Major:  _________________________________________________________________

Brainstorming: Joy possibilities in my major/future career:






Now, here’s the actual topic:  How can/will your major and/or career make you happier/more joyful?

Wait, isn’t this a research essay?

Yes, it is, albeit a short one (3-4 pages, 12.0 font, double spaced).


  1. Cool title
  2. 3-4 sources
  3. 5-6 short quotes or paraphrases
  4. MLA in-text citations
  5. MLA Works Cited page
  6. I will give you a plus addition to your grade if you say that you had your paper read by someone in the writing center or a person you believe is just so very smart in English.  Not someone in our class (though, of course, you are all brilliant).  And not to proof and edit, but to check for CLARITY.




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