Voices of Freedom history reflection

Use the textbook Voices of Freedom and answer the questions at the end of ONE of the following documents: Frederick Douglass on the Desire for Freedom (1845) or Rise of the Cotton Kingdom (1836) or William Sewall, The Results of British Emancipation (1860) or Rules of Highland Plantation (1838) or Slavery and the Bible (1850) or Letter by a Fugitive Slave (1840) or Robert Owen, “The First Discourse on a New System of Society” (1825) or Philip Schaff on Freedom as Self- Restraint (1855) or David Walker’s Appeal (1829) or Frederick Douglass on the Fourth of July (1852) or Catharine Beecher on the “Duty of American Females” (1837) or Angelina Grimké on Women’s Rights (1837) or Declaration of Sentiments of the Seneca Falls Convention (1848) Students whose papers answer the question and incorporate information from Give Me Liberty! will experience the most success. Remember to quote the source on the essay!

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