Erik Erikson Chapter5 analysis

Chapter 5: Intimacy Developing and Experiencing Affectionate Bonds

Essay one:

Explain the positive and negative outcomes for the 8 different psychosocial stages of the man described by Erik Erikson in the chapter. Use his terms, but elaborate and give examples using your own words. Be sure to weave in the four Everybody Rides the Carousel examples as well as your own for stages 1, 2, 3, & 6. The more you analyze and synthesize the material to apply it to life as you have observed it up to now, the better your essay will be.

Essay two:

Friendships in childhood are proving grounds and practice fields for developing the capacity for intimacy in adult relationships–both adult to adult and adult to child.  The stage is set in the attachment between parent and child in the early years, but it is honed during the sibling and friendship relationships throughout the growing years.  Share and then analyze, using your own examples (either that you experienced or witnessed), the various stages of friendship outlined in the text.  Respond to others’ posts comparing and contrasting experiences.


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