BU2017032718: Entrepreneurship Assessment Activity 2

Required Length:  1,500 words Marks Allocated:    30% Individual, report format Analyse an Australian entrepreneur of your own choice - try not to use Richard Branson or many of the well known one's usually found in main-stream entreprenuerial textbooks or the ones that have been discussed in subject's case studies. Discuss the background of the … Continue reading BU2017032718: Entrepreneurship Assessment Activity 2


Organization Culture Assignment

What is organizational culture? How do the different drivers of culture help to shape and form organizational culture? (100 words) What role do founder values, the industry, national culture, strategy, organizational vision, and behavior or leadership help to determine the overall culture of an organization? (100 words) Based on Competing Values Framework, how do the … Continue reading Organization Culture Assignment

Business organization paper description

Describe an Organization Paper- write a description of an organization of which you have been a member. Examples could include sports teams, church groups, places of employment, fraternities or sororities, etc. In addition to naming and describing the type of organization, you will also select3of the following topics to address in your paper: -purpose, vision, mission, … Continue reading Business organization paper description

Business Society & Ethics Full Analysis Paper #2 (Moral Dilemma)

Describe a situation in your work or personal life, either experienced or witnessed, in which a decision or action of moral gravity was made or taken. You may choose to write this to me or to any audience you specify (advice to a friend, for example).  You may write this in the third person or … Continue reading Business Society & Ethics Full Analysis Paper #2 (Moral Dilemma)

Assignment 3: Time Value of Money Calculations

The IT department has requested an update in its server population. This upgrade is required to maintain a competitive position. The CEO has asked that you evaluate the project and submit a recommendation to her, in terms of whether the company should move forward with this request. The calculated value of the project is a … Continue reading Assignment 3: Time Value of Money Calculations

Management info systems

Complete the following for this assignment: Compare and contrast the management information systems (MIS) in place in 2 distinctly different organizations.  Compare each organization's use of information systems to help manage internal operations and to make decisions. Assess how these two organizations use information technology for competitive advantage. Appraise the individual and organizational consequences of … Continue reading Management info systems

Assignment 1: Discussion—Business Analytics and Informed Business Decisions

Many times organizations will make decisions based upon what other organizations are doing at the time or based upon the latest business trend. Think about the dot-com bubble as businesses soared and perhaps were also part of the major bust. Many organizations felt that they needed to join the crowd and have an online presence, … Continue reading Assignment 1: Discussion—Business Analytics and Informed Business Decisions