Reflective Essay: The Making of the Modern World

The following topic(s) will demonstrate what the discussion is about, but feel free to branch off or expand on the topics. In addition to this discussion, you will be asked to craft a 150-word reflection on what you have learned through this conversation and post it to the Reflection Journal. The more active you are in this part of the discussion, the more you will have to draw from in your reflection, so get involved, be active, help out your classmates when they need it, and, most of all, enjoy the conversation.

You will find two options for this discussion forum; Question A and Question B. Please select one of the two options for this discussion.

Question A: How did the geography of the Islamic and Mongol conquests influence the exchange of knowledge between the East and the West? Would the impact of each culture have been as great if they had arisen in, say, Africa or the Americas instead of the Middle East and the steppes of Asia? Why?

Question B: How are you the direct inheritor of Muslim and Mongol knowledge? How did these systems of knowledge, discovery, and communication affect the nations of Europe? Can you see these effects today and, if so, where and how?


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