MBALN701 – Organisational Behaviour

Final Examination Brief
Scenario and Tasks
You are required to collect and analyze data for the purpose of problem-solving at your current workplace. If you cannot undertake this task, you may base your analysis on previous employment recollections where you have undertaken or participated a problem-solving situation.
In doing so, you have to discuss your developed competencies, together with intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, through participation in a group/individual problem-solving process.
You analysis should critically evaluate the current organizational behavior practices and relate the day to day issues of organizational behavior to basic dilemmas and tensions. Recognize those aspects of the organization of work, such as motivation, leadership, job design, diversity and communication.

Wordage: 3000(-/+10%) Weight: 50% Passing Grade: 60
This is an individual piece of work
Use Harvard Referencing for all referencing related requirements and Ground your analysis in relevant literature
Please write your analysis in your own words – copying and pasting is not acceptable


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