Health Care Ethics Assignment

We read about the mass strike of the healthcare industry in Germany. What are the ethical considerations of the German system of compensating physicians? Is it ethical to under-compensate physicians for doing too much" work? How does the limitation on prescribing drugs affect patient care? Find a moral philosophy from a journal article in the Concordia Online lLibrary.

choose a theory, perhaps the relativist perspective as it is derived subjectively from the experiences of individuals and groups: there are various forms of relativism, mentioned in class. They are descriptive relativism, meta-ethical relativists, and normative relativism. 
Research one or two journal articles online from the Concordia Online Library. about this theory and apply it to a global situation. Or apply it to one of the case studies we have completed thus far. To be clear, two journal articles need to be researched and used in your post. One more thing…how does the bible align with this theory? cite one bible verse and state how it relates to what is being discussed.


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