Trends and Barriers in Maternity Nursing

Assignment Guidelines
1. Identify a current trend and/or legal/ethical issue in maternity nursing (Review the list of ideas that are located in the OB folder in Talon).
2. Find an evidence-based article (within the past 5 years) that discusses this issue. Write one paragraph that summarizes this issue and how it connects to your role as a nurse. In a second paragraph, discuss the impact this trend/issue may have on your role as a nurse (i.e. ethical impact, self-biases, etc.).
3. This assignment should be one page or less, typed, double-spaced, and in APA format.
Please review APA guidelines and include a title page with running head, along with a reference page and proper citations.
4. Bring this assignment with you to the start of class on the due date/time.

Be prepared to share your findings with your classmates in an informal format.


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